Bergman | Saw Grinder, TCT
  • BSG-32A
  • BSG-Top-Grind
Heavy duty, easy to operate saw grinding machine for top and face sharpening of TCT blades. Servo drive, PLC controls and LCD touch screen display. Sharpens all popular tooth geometry in a single revolution including, alternate face, combination face and triple chip. Ideal machine for all levels of service.

Grinding Range100 ~ 800mm
Bore Diameter10 ~ 110mm
Saw Blade Thickness8mm
Tooth Pitch6 ~ 75mm
Tooth Top0 ~ 45 degrees
Tooth Face0 ~ 15 degrees
Hook Angle-7 ~ + 40 degrees
Clearance Angle5 ~ 45 degrees
Grinding SpeedMax 20 teeth /min
Gross Weight1200-kg
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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