DSG618 - 820

Dowell USA | Surface Grinder, Semi-Auto
  • dsg-3a618
  • 3APan
Saddle Type Surface Grinder.

Semi Automatic with hydraulic drive, motorized movement in 3A down feed and 2A cross feed. Machine structure is manufactured from high quality “Meehanite” class FC cast iron. Direct type spindle uses high precision P4 bearings along with V3 grade spindle motor providing superior rigidity and stability.

Saddle guideways use a double V designed, coated with Turcite-B and hand-scraped providing smooth movement with an automatic forced lubrication system.

  • 1A: Longitudinal Hydraulic (X-Axis)

  • 2A: 1A + cross feed motor device (Z-Axis)

  • 3A: 2A + rapid up and down motorized (Y-Axis)

  • 3AH: 3A + MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)

ModelDSG-618 3ADSG-818 3ADSG-820 3A
Magnetic Chuck150 x 450mm200 x 450mm200 x 500mm
Cross Feed180mm210mm230mm
Table to Spindle Center400mm400mm380mm
Cross Feed Graduations0.02mm0.02mm0.02mm
Down Feed Graduations0.005mm0.005mm0.005mm
Grinding Wheel180 x 13 x 31.75mm180 x 13 x 31.75mm180 x 13 x 31.75mm
Spindle Speed3600 rpm3600 rpm3600 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor1.5-hp1.5-hp2-hp
Longitudinal Feed Rate1 ~ 25m / min1 ~ 25m / min1 ~ 25m / min.
Hydraulic Motor1-hp1-hp1-hp
Cross Feed Rate0.5 ~ 10mm / min0.5 ~ 10mm / min0.5 ~ 10mm / min
Cross Feed Motor25w25w40w
Down Feed Rate230 (29)mm / min230 (29)mm / min230 (29)mm / min
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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