Customer Support

salespersonCustomer Support is key to our successful customer relationships. GMSi support begins with an immediate response to your inquiry by an experienced engineer.

Our decades of experience in machine tool service, repair and application assistance allows us to provide expedient and professional solutions at an affordable price. In most instances, service cases will be resolved via email or phone at no charge.

When compromise is not an option

Keeping your GMSi products operating in peak performance condition is crucial to your business. Our technicians are factory-trained to provide routine maintenance and to help troubleshoot problems should they arise. Our techs also receive application training, so they are familiar with your specific application and can give customer support when it is needed.

Service support and maintenance programs that prevent costly downtime of your GMSi serviced machines. Preventative maintenance, parts availability and field service programs with our team of factory trained engineers.

Way-IndicatorPreventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is the core to our GMSi Service Program. With proper preventative maintenance, your machines work at optimal production levels and their longevity is extended. We offer programs customized to your schedule. We’ll visit during shutdowns or organized maintenance days. After completion, you will receive an evaluation report so you will know what issues we saw, what we did, and recommendations for improvements.

Our preventative maintenance program includes annual or bi-annual visits based on the usage of your equipment from one of our factory trained field technicians to:

  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Keep your machine properly calibrated
  • Combine maintenance and/or repairs with other machines
  • Save with discount vouchers on additional service
  • Remedy any tolerance issues before they are irreparable
  • Prolong the optimal operational life of your machine

GMSi Group helps you avoid costly breakdowns that often occur at the worst time. An unexpected problem can mean you need to shut down and wait for a necessary part that is unavailable for days or longer.

Contact us for details on our Preventative Maintenance Program or for a quotation on an Annual Contract.