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Reliable, affordable and effective filters for your machining applications. Whether you’re upgrading or replacing an existing filter we can incorporated any of our components to suit your requirements. All of our standard BFµ-Series filters are equipped with a filterable coolant pump, one roll of filter media and chip collector. A float switch will automatically activate new filter media as required.

Filter media in 50-micron, 30-micron and 15-micron

Flow Rate20-lpm (5-gpm)40-lpm (10-gpm)60-lpm (16-gpm)80-lpm (21-gpm)120-lpm (32-gpm)
Tank Capacity21-gal.31-gal.37-gal.42-gal.55-gal.
Inlet Height394mm394mm394mm394mm394mm
Supply Pump1/8-hp1/8-hp1/8-hp1/4-hp1/2-hp
L x W x H1284 x 724 x 733mm1434 x 724 x 733mm1584 x 724 x 733mm1734 x 724 x 733mm1729 x 924 x 784mm
Stock #712-0105B1020712-0105B1040712-0105B1060712-0105B1080712-0105B1120
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.