Bergman Filter | Candle Filter
  • Candleport
Coolant filtration system for EDM and oil grinding fluids

Each candle-like filter element is composed of thousands of compressed thin wafers. When dirty fluid passes through the compressed wafers, all particles over one micron are trapped on the outside edge of the filter element. Filter efficiency reaches 1 ~ 3 micron. Automatically cleaned by a rapid backwash cycle. Compressed air is used to blow out particles trapped on the filter elements and then deposit them into a sludge basket for recovery or disposable. Life span of the filter elements last several years.

Flow Rate13.5-lpm (3.5-gpm)19.5-lpm (5.3-gpm)28.5-lpm (7.5-gpm)55.5-lpm (14.7-gpm)
Candle No.9131937
Supply Pump1/4-hp1/4-hp1/4-hp1/4-hp
L x W x H907 x 620 x 1950mm907 x 620 x 1950mm907 x 620 x 1950mm907 x 620 x 1950mm
Stock #755-013F0009755-013F0013755-013F0019755-013F0037
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