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The EMA-650 HSS saw grinder is the latest innovation in precision 4 or 3-axis CNC sawblade sharpening systems from Eyan America. A ridged design with heavy steel construction, cast supports and precision linear way system.

The new easy to use program comes standard with 6 tooth forms and easy setup for different chamfering types (Chamfering only with 4-axis model).

ModelEMA-650 3AEMA-650 4A
Grinding Range100 ~ 630mm100 ~ 630mm
Chamfer RangeN/A180 ~ 630mm
Number of Teeth10 ~ 99810 ~ 998
Saw Blade ThicknessMax. 8mmMax. 8mm
Grinding Speed1 ~ 60 teeth /min1 ~ 60 teeth /min
Cutting Angle0 ~ 30 degrees0 ~ 30 degrees
High / LowStandardStandard
X-axis MotorServoServo
Z-axis MotorServoServo
B-axis MotorServoServo
Y-axis MotorN/AServo
Grinding Wheel200 x 32mm200 x 32mm
Grinding Motor4.0kw (5hp)4.0kw (5hp)
Grinding Wheel Speed2500 ~ 6000mm2500 ~ 6000mm
Magnetic Filter25w25w
Oil Mist Collector0.55 kw0.55 kw
Coolant Pump2.4kw2.4kw
Gross Weight1362-kg1425-kg
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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