Filter Media Rolls

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Filter Media Rolls
  • Filter Media Rolls
Media density is stocked in 50, 30 and 15 micron filterability. As paper density is increased flow rate is decreased. As well, oil viscosity will effect flow rate. Please consult our sales office when ordering.

ModelRoll SizeStock No.
50 Micron20" x 100-yds531-020P50100
50 Micron20" x 100-yds531-027P50100
50 Micron40" x 100-yds531-040P50100
30 Micron20" x 100-yds531-020P30100
30 Micron27" x 100-yds531-027P30100
30 Micron40" x 100-yds531-040P30100
15 Micron20" x 100-yds531-020P15100
15 Micron27" x 100-yds531-027P15100
15 Micron40" x 100-yds531-040P15100
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.