RC-12, RC-16, RC-18, RC-20

Paragon USA | Centerless Grinding Machine, Economical S/B/H
Economical B Centerless
  • Economical B Centerless
  • Centerless-CNC-Axis
  • Centerless-In-Feed
  • Centerless-Thrufeed
Every Paragon centerless grinder is designed and manufactured based on the following management concepts: Application of the newest technologies and innovation, endless improvement and progress and customer satisfaction. Assembly is carried out in strict compliance with ISO 9001 directives. All machine bases are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron with a low center of gravity.

Grinding spindle with fine hand scraped hydrodynamic bearings made of steel and phosphor bronze alloy with oil lubrication, firmly maintaining high precision rotation and rigidity with heavy duty grinding.

Regulating Wheel is an advanced spindle that dose not require a flange and utilizes precision angular contact bearings. With dual-end supports firmly maintain spindle super precision rotation and rigidity.

S-Series: Grinding Wheel: Hydrodynamic Bearings / Regulating Wheel: Hydrodynamic Bearings
B-Series: Grinding Wheel: Hydrodynamic Bearings / Regulating Wheel: Ball and Roller Bearings
H-Series: Grinding Wheel: Hydrostatic Bearings / Regulating Wheel: Ball and Roller Bearings

Hydrostatic bearings of the grinding spindle are surrounded by high pressure oil film, eliminating metal-to-metal contact. This eliminates overheating, less power consumption, high vibration dampening and no oil leakage.

Other models and buildups for high-speed centerless production and angular grinding are available upon request.

ModelRC-12 /B/SRC-16BRC-18 /B/SRC-20 /B
Grinding Range (dia.)1-30mm2-40mm2-50mm2-50mm
Grinding Wheel (mm)305x150x120405x205x203.2455x205x228.6510x205x304.8
Grinding Wheel Speed (m/min)2000200020002000
Regulating Wheel (mm)205x150x90280x205x139.7255x205x111.2305x205x127
Regulating Wheel RPM21-300 (7 steps)10~30013-308 (10 steps)13-308 (10 steps)
(B/S Series)(10~300)(10~300)(10~300)
Upper slide feed (mm)3.5-rev / 0.05-gra3.5-rev / 0.05-gra3.5-rev / 0.05-gra3.5-rev / 0.05-gra
Upper slide micro feed (mm)0.1-rev / 0.001-gra0.1-rev / 0.001-gra0.1-rev / 0.001-gra0.1-rev / 0.001-gra
Lower slide feed (mm)10-rev / 0.05-gra10-rev / 0.05-gra10-rev / 0.05-gra10-rev / 0.05-gra
Lower slide micro feed (mm)0.2-rev / 0.001-gra0.2-rev / 0.001-gra0.2-rev / 0.001-gra0.2-rev / 0.001-gra
Dressing device graduations (mm)1.25-rev / 0.01-gra1.75-rev / 0.01-gra2-rev / 0.01-gra2-rev / 0.01-gra
Regulating wheel tilt+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Regulating wheel swivel +/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Dimensions (mm)1900x1550x14202000x1590x14502300x2050x16002500x2150x1600
Weight (kg)1,7002,4003,2003,900
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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