RIG-150 NC

Paragon USA | Internal Grinding Machine, NC
  • RIG-150CNC
  • UNIV-Internal-Grind
Every Paragon internal grinder is designed and manufactured based on the following management concepts: Application of the newest technologies and innovation, endless improvement and progress and customer satisfaction. Assembly is carried out in strict compliance with ISO 9001 directives. All machine bases are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron with a low center of gravity.

RIG-150 NC Series:
- Dialogue type interface, the latest graphic control and digital control technology.
- Self diagnostic function for trouble shooting.
- Automatic memory while power failure.
- Memory function of infeed and dressing compensation.
- Multi-dressing can be set up during grinding.
- Dressing compensation can be adjusted on-line.

ModelRIG-150RIG-150 NCRIG-150 CNC
Grinding range - ID6 ~ 150mm6 ~ 150mm6 ~ 150mm
Grinding depth150mm150mm150mm
Max. clamping length150mm150mm150mm
Swing over table520mm520mm520mm
Swing in chuck guard320mm320mm320mm
Workhead spindle speed0 ~ 800mm0 ~ 800mm0 ~ 800mm
X-axis rapid movement--6mm /min.
X-axis minimum increment0.001mm0.001mm0.001mm
X-axis minimum resolution-0.001mm0.001mm
Work head swivel+13° ~ -5°+13° ~ -5°+13° ~ -5°
Max table speed Z-axis9m /min9m /min9m /min
Max table traverse540mm540mm400mm
Z-axis minimum stroke10 ~ 14mm10 ~ 14mm0.0001mm
Y-axis minimum stroke-0.0001mm-
Height from wheel spindle to floor1180mm1180mm1180mm
Hydraulic tank90-L90-L90-L
Coolant tank90-L90-L90-L
X-axis servo motor-0.4 kw1.0 kw
Z-axis servo motor--2.5 kw
Y-axis servo motor-0.4 kw-
Grinding wheel motor1.5 kw1.5 kw1.5 kw
Work head motor0.75 kw0.75 kw0.75 kw
Auto lubricator2-L2-L2-L
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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