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Göckel America | Knife Grinder
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  • G50elT
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The benchmark of the Göckel machine line that is found in service shops and maintenance departments worldwide. Fabricated to the highest standards of German engineering and to your budget with smart features to meet your production demands. 15-hp grinding spindle, 6” wide electromagnetic worktable built to your required length, heavy duty cast support and carriage along with upgrades and options to meet your requirements.

Grinding Length1 ~ 7m 1 ~ 7m 1 ~ 7m
Grinding Width225mm225mm225mm
Grinding Height120/140mm120/140mm120/140mm
Grinding Motor5 ~ 15hp, 1750-rpm5 ~ 15hp, 1750-rpm5 ~ 15hp, 1750-rpm
Grinding WheelMax. 250mmMax. 250mmMax. 250mm
Carriage Drive3 ~ 25 m/min0.02 ~ 30 m/min0.02 ~ 30 m/min
Table TypeElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagnetic
Table Width155 / 200mm155 / 200mm155 / 200mm
Table Rotation360 degrees360 degrees360 degrees
Coolant Pump63-lpm63-lpm + 100-lpm63-lpm + 100-lpm
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.
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