SCM Screw Conveyors

Bergman Filter | Magnetic Conveyor
  • SCM-Short-R
Reliable, affordable and effective magnetic conveyors that can be applied to many applications. Suitable for milling, hobbing, broaching or for removing short chips (less than 4”) from the tank. All bearings, moving and rotating parts are enclosed within the stainless steel tube. The cutting chips are discharged by spiral magnet and released while the coolant drains back to the tank. An economical and flexible solution that can be applied in different angles and working situations. Requires little space and custom capacities or chutes can be fabricated to your application.

Screw Diameter50.8mm76.3mm114.3mm
Screw Length800 ~ 1600mm800 ~ 2000mm800 ~ 3000mm
Drive Motor25w, 220v25w, 220v25w, 220v
Specifications subject to change. Please contact us for more information.